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Many events 6469 cause stop of Vault services

Level 5


Our env. (Vault v10.0.2)  encounters MEM performance (event 4140. See description below pls). 

Logs also indicate lots of error event 6469 (see description below pls).

Check of mailbox linked to Vault archive ID (indicated in event 6469 and identified as following procedure: confirms it contains root folder with invalid character (in this case, folder name with space). 

Deleting this folder resolved this issue. Now, I would like to understand which process can cause creation of this folder. Based on Ms article

this could be related to AV or addin (Vault or other?).

If you have similar issue. Thanks for your feedback.




Event 4140: 

Insufficient Virtual Memory is available for the Enterprise Vault to run 
Enterprise Vault will now be shut down; to correct this problem, free memory by closing any unwanted applications and restart Enterprise Vault 


Event 6469

An exception has occurred.
 [Internal reference CArchiveAssister/CF/ce]
ContainerArchiveVEID: null
ParentFolderVEID: 105CE08AF8CF22C428260AEC1F15DDB2A1110000EVSLUX1
FolderName: Top of Information Store

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