Mass recall from IBM DR550

Hi experts,

I have an evironment with EV 9.0.2 that will updated soon to 10.0.4. At first or maybe after the updated we will change the DR550 HSM hardware to a EMC Centera. For this we have to export or move the data to the new machine. My idear is to restore the data (0,5 TB) back into the first EV store and migrate that data into the new device then.

Is it possible to recall all CAB files with EV tools back into the first EV store?  

And if not, is it possible to use the Tivoli Storage Manager Client to restore all the data out of  the DR550 into the original EV partition without data lacks? 

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Hi Gerd, EV doesnt have the

Hi Gerd,

EV doesnt have the ability to move all of that data back to the original storage locations, when we pull those items back, either for indexing or access, it is a temporary measure and as such once we have completed that operation the temporary files are then deleted again.

In the past it has been a manual recall of those items and then an update to the SQL tables too as there is a reference in the tables to the Secondary Storage location that will need to be NULLed out or altered rather. It is a very manual process, hence why when you choose to migrate to secondary storage a warning will tell you that you cannot undo it, not 100% correct but it is a very manual process.

In relation to the Tivoli Storage Manager Client I am unable to help you as I do not know enough about it unfortunately, even if you can recall these items changes will need to be made to the SQL DBs to allow for the change in storage location now.


Have you looked at the NTFS to Centera Migration tool to see if that fits your needs as you are only using the DR550 as a secondary storage location aren't you?

If that is the case then the tool should be able to handle this  -  http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH49828




Hi Ben, yes, I had a look to

Hi Ben,

yes, I had a look to the NTFS to Centera Tool. But I haven't a NTFS partition and I have to restore the data from the third party store (DR550). With the TSM Client I have the possibility to restore on mass the items out of the DR550 to the original location but how can I give EV SQL table the information that the data are not longer stored within the DR550?






Firstly, I strongly suggest you open a case with Support so that we can help ensure it is done correctly and there is no chance of data loss. The information provided below is based on incomplete information if you log a call we can be 100% that our suggestions will work as expected



But if you didnt want to do that you will basically need to turn off Migration, which is a simple change to the SQL Tables and move the data back to the original locations:-

1) Ensure you have a GOOD FULL backup of the entire EV SQL environment

2) Change the values on all Partition Properties to 'Migrate files older than' = '999 years'  and 'Remove collection files from Primary Storage' = '999 years'  -  This will stop EV from migrating the copied data back to the secondary storage whilst the copy process is still underway

3) Copy the items from the DR500 back to the original location/s

4) Once the above is complete look in the PartitionEntry table held in the EnterpriseVaultDirectory table and you will see a 'Migrate' column, you will basically need to change this value to 0 (zero), it will be the easiest way of doing it.


The above setting in SQL is on a partition by partition basis so you would be better off moving the items on a partition by partition basis and making the changes as you go along.

EV as default will initially look at the original storage location to recall any items, if it cannot see the archived files there it checks to see if the partition has been setup for migration, if it has it goes off to see if it can find the items in the Secondary location so simply changing that value AFTER the items have been moved back to their original EV archived locations shoud do the job you need.


*****  Again I strongly suggest that you open a case with Support to carry this out  ******



I will try this within my

I will try this within my testenvironment first.

Thanks in the meantime



No problem, let us know how

No problem, let us know how it goes and if you need further help with it or if it works as you wanted it to.


The way I can think of is to

The way I can think of is to peform migration from NTFS to centera, migration will recall CAB file to original location, extract and then migrate savesets to Centera.

How to use the NTFS to Centera Migration utility (NTFSCenteraMigrator.exe) http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH49828

The other way is to create a new vault store and create Centera partition. Then perform move archive from source NTFS vault store to Destination Centera vault store. Once all archive successfully moved then delete original partition & vault store.

Enterprise Vault Move Archive Feature Overview http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH129236

And you can also contact Symantec partner/Consultant to know if they have any better way.