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Mavericks and Outlook 2011 for Mac

We have recently upgraded our EV to 10.0.4.

We have installed the Outloook plugin to a Mac running Mavericks and Outlook 2011 Version 14.3.0 (121105).

I can manually store and restore but the mail icons do not change on the Mac, they do change if you load up the same account within Outlook 2010 on a windows device.

Hope you can help.


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Hi APS, Are you referring to


Are you referring to the EV shortcut icon? If that's the casem in Outlook for Mac, archived items aren't displayed with different icon like in Outlook for Windows. However, you can setup a rule or filter to highlight or apply a different style to archived items. This technote has a video that shows you how to do this:

About the Enterprise Vault Client for Mac OS X (Around minute 3:00)

I hope this helps.


Hi, thats is my point. I

Hi, thats is my point.

I thought that the icons would be the same for archived mail, pending mail etc.

I will have a look at the video but at the moment there is no icon change on the Mac's, i have an open call with Symantec but we keep missing each other.

I select an e-mail vault it, the email icon doesn't change although the e-mail is archived you can tell this because when you open it it says its archived.



In MAC’s outlook, you would

In MAC’s outlook, you would not be able to distinguish between normal or a enterprise vault shortcut, creating a shortcut rule is only option. The information can be found in guide in following link.

“Client User Guides”

Download documentation of your preferred language \ ev_guide_for_mac.pdf.

Refer section “Setting up a mailbox rule to manage your enterprise vault shortcut”


Not ideal and somewhat

Not ideal and somewhat disappointing the the icons do't change like Windows outlook.


Thanks for the pointer, very helpful


I hope your experience should

I hope your experience should be good with EV11 with the feature called 'mail connect' which provide ability to browse & search the archive via IMAP protocol compatible clients from various platforms such as mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops and MAC book.



APS, I don't think that


I don't think that Outlook for Mac shows icons for emails. Looking at a Outlook for Mac client, I don't see an icon colum. I could see Status and Attachments but no Icon. It seems to be an Outlook limitation.