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Merge two differents EV sites to one (different domain)

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I had one windows domain ( and an exchange environment 2010 (X) archived by one EVserver (EV10).

And now we are deployed a new domain ( and a new exchange environment 2013 (Y) archived by a new EVserver (EV12).

So, in the same company we are two domains, two exchange environments and two EVserver.

Finally, the new objective is to merge both EV sites to one in "" domain and to decommission the old domain (, old exchange environment 2012 and EV10.

How can do it?

Please I need help.


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Best way to to enage with one of the consulting groups and do a migration.  Essentially you'll have to export all the archives and import in the the new EV site.  The various migration tools make it managable but that is the basic premise.

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You can also use the "move archive" feature.

But the destination domain needs to trust the source domain, the service account needs to be working in both domains.

If that is not possible Transvault could be a widely accepted solution.

Move archive is moderately useful for limited numbers but doe not scale well.

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That is right, but it will not bring any additional software costs. It always depends on the requirements... 

Makes sense. What are the high level steps to follow?

1 - Set a two way trust between the two domains

2 - Provide desination service accounts send-as/receive-as permission on source Exchage server

3 - Disable archiving on mailbox that is intended to move

4 - Migrate the mailbox to the destination Exchange server

5 - Start move archive to move the archive from source EV to destination

6 - Does it require SyncInMigration mode registry?

7 - Enable mailbox archiving on destination EV

8 ?

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Have you seen this:

That might be a better option.

I am not sure you can use move archive between 10 and 12, you need to check. Your process is ok. I would definitely set synchInMigrationMode, can't hurt. If you enable manually, you could assign correct archive. If you already archive to new archive, you need to make sure proper target is selected.

If many archives, I strongly advise to use 3rd party (quadrotech or transvault) to perform this. There is a cost, but speed is much better.

Regards. Gertjan