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Message Queue - Public Folder P5

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Hi guys,

we currently have a few million messages stuck in the P5 queue. So far we were not able to get this number down.

Any ideas where to start? Support ticket is open as well but so far we did not get a solution.




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I am not proficient with PF archiving, but did find some pointers. First, verify the actual size of the MSMQ, and verify on the MSMQ properties what the defined size can be. I am not sure there is a limit in regards to the amount of messages, but there is a size limit.

The P5 holds info related to which folders to process. I can't imagine you have millions of folders. If you open that MSMQ, do you see messages having [1], [2] etc? That indicates retries. I did find 1 forum entry from years ago, where someone stated it should be safe to purge the P5 queue, as it will get populated again at the next scheduled run (see below for link). One thing to note there is also a possible check to see if it archives at all.

Related info from here and there.

Enterprise Vault Public Folder task for server queue P1 - Update Shortcut, Operation Failed.
Enterprise Vault Public Folder task for server queue P3 - Process Folder, Process Folders (Run Now), Check Folders, Check Folder.
Enterprise Vault Public Folder task for server queue P5 - Process Folder, Process Folders (Schedule only).

Note that Enterprise Vault has not used queues P2 and P4 since version 3.6.

Enterprise Vault Public Folder task for server queue P5
Folders to process. Used during scheduled archive runs.
This queue is not processed outside the scheduled archiving times,
so you cannot use Run Now to clear a backlog on this queue.

Process Folders
Asks the Exchange Public Folder task to determine which folders on the Exchange Server are eligible for archiving.
The Exchange Public Folder task reads the list of all the public folders that are hosted on the Exchange server
and sends a Process Folder message (on the same queue) for each top-level folder that is eligible.

Process Folders messages are placed immediately on queue P3 if the administrator selects
Run Now from the task properties, or it is placed on queue P5 at the start of a
scheduled archive period (provided that there are no other process folders messages already waiting to be done).

This last remark might be a cause. If your archiving window is too small, or you archive too many folders, EV never reaches the end of the archiving needs, and then the queue will fill up.

Link to mentioned entry here

Regards. Gertjan

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Right so in short, you have to either target less with the task, increase the scheduled window, or both to solve this issue. I would also check the date of the oldest item to make sure it is somewhat current. Purging it (and refreshing and purging the admin queue) will clear it and let you see if the issue recurs, but will abandon historically scheduled tasks. If you clear it and it grows perpetually, less work or more time is needed.