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Migrate EV File System Archiver stubs and content to new server?


We are using Symantec File System Archiver (Enterprise Vault) on a Windows server.  We would like to migrate all of the stubs from server A to server B.

Is there any documentation around that we can follow?  

We also need to determine if all of the files on server A are stubs or a mixture of physical files and some stubs - can this be done?

Would we need to rehydrate all files then copy the physical files and then archive once at the destination?

I assume we would need to install the FSA agent/client on the destination server also?




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hi matt, the Utilities.pdf

hi matt, the Utilities.pdf document that comes with EV covers how to use FSAUtility to migrate stubs (aka placeholders.) it can detect if the files in a folder are a mixture of stubs and non-archived files like you're asking.

Hi Andrew   I believe we have

Hi Andrew  

I believe we have FSA 10.3 but only have the utilities.pdf file for FSA v11 as we are soon going to be upgrading to it.  Can I assume that the document will still cover the same features and options to migrate or would it be best leaving our migration until FSA has been upgraded to v11?

Thanks again

Hi Andrew Off the top of your

Hi Andrew

Off the top of your head do youknow what utilities I need to read up on in order to report on placeholders and non-archived files, and which utiliy will move them?  I get a feeling that the document covers everything whereby I probably only need to run a couple of tools?

Thanks again

Actually it's FSAUtiliy -

Actually it's FSAUtiliy - I'll do some more digging around on the web 

10.0.3 Documentation Guide

10.0.3 Documentation Guide (including Utilities)