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Migrate EV11 to new Exchange org name


I have a requirement to change the organization name of our Exchange environment to a new name (Don't ask why !!!)


We have EV11 for Exchange installed and was wondering if i ran through the following process what the ramifications on EV would be?

1. 0 Day archive all mail in mailboxes to EV

2. Uninstall Exchange ORG in forest

3. Re-install exchange with NEW ORG name

4. Create new Exchange mailboxes for users now in NEW Exchange ORG.

5. Re-attach EV to new Exchange ORG

6. Re-attach Archives to NEW mailboxes

7. Re-create stubs in mailbox for archived content from OLD ORG name.




2 Replies

Yes, that should work, except

Yes, that should work, except recreating the shortcuts.  As far as I know there is not way to regenerate shortcuts in the mailboxes.  You can update shortcuts for any environmental changes, but you cannot recreate the shortcuts.  Users would have to rely on the Virtual Vault for access to the old email.

would it work? maybe. should

would it work? maybe. should you do it that way? maybe there's a better way.

what version of Exchange, how many mailboxes, how much data and how many email messages are involved?