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Migrate Exchange to new domain requires access to archives

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I have an EV mailbox archiving server and an exchange server in domain A and recently installed a new Exchange server in domain B. Domain B mailbox are being archived over the Cloud.

I have recently migrated few mailbox from Exchange in domain A to new Exchange in domain B but would require these migrated users to access their archives sitting on EV server in domain A.

If I understood correctly, all I need to do is to add the domain B Exchange in to EV in domain A, create a provisioning task (but no archiving task as this mailbox is being archived over the cloud) for it?

Please stamp my understanding...


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you wouldnt add domain B to EV unless you wanted to archive data from it. assuming your EV server is in domain A, what you would need is to have your trusts in place so that users from domain B can access resources in doman A.

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Yes I dont want to archive from Exchange in Domain B but Andrew, the EV in domain A doesn't know about Exchange in domain B. How could the mailbox which is hosted on Exchange in domain B access its archives from EV in Domain A without having a connection with EV in domain A?

We have bidirectional AD trust in place but obviously the mailbox in domain B shortcuts are not bringing anything back, they are unable to communicate back to the EV.

Dont forget that SyncInMigrationMode setting wasnt in place when mailbox was migrated from domain A to the Exchange in domain B.

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as you don't archive from B, SyncInMigrationMode would not be necessary.

If you have a trust, the shortcuts should work.

Are the users in B able to ping the alias of the EV server in A?

It might be they can only access EV by using the URL's to Archive Explorer/Search/EVS (, or search.asp)

It might also be that for the users that are being moved, you need to adjust the Web Application URL (desktop policy/ advanced, outlook) to have that work.

Regards. Gertjan

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Trust - both ways required? How shall the trust be verified?

Shortcuts hosted in EV Domain A for old mailbox should be accessible from new mailbox in Domain B even if the new mailbox has a different name related to the same AD user?

Its a little confusiing situation....