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Migrate Win EV Cluster with server migration wizard to new hardware

Level 5

we want to migrate our EV 11.0.1, Windows 2008 R2 Cluster to a new hardware cluster with Win 2012 R2 and the same EV Version.
I will use the Server Settings Migration Wizard.
The documentation of migrating clusters with the Server Migration Wizard is not good, so i have a question.
As far as i know, i have to start the export on both source cluster nodes.
Before I import the migration package on the new hardware, i will install EV on both target nodes and move the discs form the old cluster to the new one.

Should I run the ev cluster wizard to configure an ev cluster before importing the migration package?
There is nothing in the documentation about this.

Level 5
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Thanks for your reply. I've already seen this article, but there is nothing described about a cluster migration.
Should I create the ev clusterressources before i import the the package?

Level 5