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Migrated EV database to a new SQL server and now users can't access their email archives

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I am running EV 12.3.  I migrated the EV databases to a new SQL server and ran the script to change all the pointers on the EV server, which completed succesfully.  I was able to restart all the services, but now when any user tried to access an archived email, it says "You do not have access to archives. If the problem persists, contact your Enterprise Vault Administrator." and i get an event log entry 41478 saying the user does not have permission on any archive.  i'm also getting event id 41521 "Enterprise Vault Search cannot perform certain operations. Check that all Enterprise Vault services are running."  All services are up and running.  i'm also getting 10010 and 10006 DCOM errors in the system log that appear to be related to enterprise vault.

I rolled the changes back to the old SQL server, and I'm getting the same error.  I am at a loss right now and don't know how to proceed.  Can anyone help? I'd be extremely appreciative.


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I'd start by stopping all the services and starting one after the other, checking if every service is reporting that it started successfully. Start with the admin service, wait for it to report the successful start in the eventlog (Event 4110), start the directory service, check the log for a successful start (Event 8192) and so on. 

If all services started properly but the dcom errors persist use the CLSID or APPID from these events and search for them in the registry. This should give you an idea which processes these events are for. 

You are using only one server? 

If it's really urgent for you I believe you could also contact Veritas technical support to assist you on this. 




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Marc's advise is sound. Following his steps will at least make sure there are no issues with the functioning of EV.

I had this years back in an older version (11.0.1 if I recall correct). I found a workaround/fix. There is a KB for that also, which I include below. The KB is specifically for "after you upgraded to EV 12.3.0", so should apply.

Issue 1 


Regards. Gertjan