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Migrating Data Including EV Placeholders

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I could do with some guidance on a file server migration project. Scenario is moving company data from an old file server ( Windows 2008 r2) to new file server ( Windows 2012) - this new server will not be able to use hostname of the old server.

I am in process of upgrading my EV Server to EV11 and will have FSA Agent installed on the new server but my query is how to move the data...

I would like to use robocopy and believe I have to use a switch to not move the EV Placeholders as part of this script... Then use the FSA Utility to migrate the placeholders... Has anyone successfully used this method or can advise me on steps needed...Or a different method.

The robocopy will create the directory structure on the new server but when using the FSA utility at say the folder level D:\DATA\CLL will it automatically place all placeholders in subfolders....?

Any advice is most welcome..



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There is a KB that mentioned that robocopy is not recommended to move place holder. How ever, in your case, as long as you can leave the placeholder for FSAutil, I think it works in theory.

Below kb is regarding the FSAutil command to move placeholders. It states that it will recursively create placeholders in the destination and then delete from the original location. Also it is best not to configure and archive points before the migration.

Hope it helps.



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I understand currently you are looking at ways to perform the migration yourself.

An alternative solution you might consider is using a company such as Bluesource who are migration experts and have experience transfering petabytes of data, including in and around EV. This would reduce stress and many of the risks around the project due to our technical expertise and prior experience.

Do get in contact with me on direct message or check out our website if you are interested in our data migration services or consultancy on the matters.

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Thanks I will give this method a try using test data migration to the new server before I try with live Data.