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Migrating Data including EV Placeholders

Level 2


I could do with some guidance on the correct way to move company data from one file server to a new file server.. Here is my scenario..

Source data Old file server\paragon

Target data new file server\data\CLL

My EV environment is version 11.01 both old and new server file servers will be managed by the same EV server and the File archiving goes into the same file vault store..

My questions are..

The data in the paragon share has been restructured - Paragon is also a target Volume on EV server..

I know I have to use robocopy to move data (excluding offline files for EV placeholders.)

But with FSA utility should I be using the -m move or -pm migrate placeholders. ?

Also FSA utility first or robocopy ? or does this depend on whether using the -m or -pm switch?

Also when using FSA Utility can you specifiy subfolders within paragon only? Does the FSA utility recreate the folder structure on the target file server?

Do I create target volumes for the New file server first in EV before using FSA Utility...

I have read the EV 11 Utilities guide but it seems to throw up more questions than answers to me...

Thanks in advance...



Level 6


You may want to take a look at the following -

Typically, you would use -pm option as it is faster and moves the archive point to the new server.  

If the data has been restructured then there may be some issues with the folder paths as EV does not reconcile moved folders or moved items in FSA.  Renaming a folder will update the folder name within the database.  All items will be moved to the same folder structure as they exist on the source server, however looking at the data in EV Search will only show where the data was originally archived from and not where the placeholder/folder was moved.  

Using the -pm option first and the robocopy would be the prefrred option.