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Migrating EV 10.0.3 from stanalone to MS cluster using EVSSMV

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We are new to EV. The current EV (10.0.3) is running with standalone Windows 2008 R2 server and is configured for Exchange 2010 archiving (only a few users (6-7) are configured for archiving) and the DB / SQL 2008 R2 is on another server. Currently we are planning to migrate the EV to windows 2008 R2 clustered virtual servers. Can we use the EV server setting Migration wizard to migrate EV the data to new clusted nodes (Howto42445). We found one article on EV clustering (, so here in our case do we have to complete the prepration & installation of EV on both the clustered nodes before importing the EVSSMV data or should we prepare one node clustering and then import the data and then later add the second node to cluster and prepare and install EV?

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If you are not upgrading EV, you can move the EV server to the new Windows Servers and then follow this technote to convert the standalone installation to a cluster:

Converting an existing Enterprise Vault installation to a Windows Server failover cluster

How to move Enterprise Vault to a new server

From the EVSSMV PDF (HOWTO42445): You can use the Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration wizard to create migration packages for clustered Enterprise Vault servers. When you have created the migration packages you can then import them on clustered servers or on standalone servers. However, there is no mention from standalone to clusters.