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Migrating Exchange to O365

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Having done a bit of reading, it seems that if we migrate Exchange from 2010 to O365 in the cloud we should still be able to archive with Vault.

That is assuming we update Vault from 11.0.0. to 11.0.1+. We would then need to change the way we archive too, as currently there are Exchange Server connectors/tasks to do the archiving, but we will need to go to a more journaling style of Archiving using SMTP.

With individual archives, would we be able to link the two accounts (or would they just stay the same anyway?) or would I need to use the SyncInMigrationMode trick (if that's even still valid in 11).

Any pitfalls with the above i should be aware of?

Thanks in advance.



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Hi James,

Theoretically, as I have not done this before...

As you basicall move from one mailserver to another, I believe you need to use the SyncInMigrationMode switch. Otherwise, users get 2 archives I think. I am pretty sure support can provide more details.


Regards. Gertjan

I'm not sure if it would count as moving mail servers(even though that's exactly what it is) as we are switching from Mail server archiving to SMTP journal style archiving - but for individal mailboxes which we would like to keep in sync.