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Migrating exchange vault 7.0 files to new server with enterprise vault 8.0??

we have 2 vault servers. One evault 7.0 server that houses only archived exchange data and the other that only does FSA that has 8.0.2. Is there a way to move or migrate the exchange data from the 7.0 server to the new 8.0 server?
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The only way really using EV

The only way really using EV alone would be to export to PST or back to mailbox then re-archive data. Other options include looking at third party apps from companies like Procedo or Archive Shuttle.

 Agreed seeing as they are in

 Agreed seeing as they are in different EV sites it is not possible to just move it from one to the other. Exporting them to PST or using tools like archive shuttle is the only way to go