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Migrating placeholder options

Hey I am sure this has been beat up all over the forum and I have looked around and still have a couple questions.

Ok so we are on EV 9.0.4 R1 and migrating a large amount of users from an existing (archived) windows server to a new filer and it sounds like the only options are with FSAUtility either -m or -pm, but we cannot get -pm to work when going from NTFS to Filer so we are stuck with -m. The issue we are seeing is that you cannot run FSAUtility -m on a root folder so we will need to run it 600 times individually. Am I understanding this correctly, If so this is a really bad solution for migrating large amounts of data. I figured that someone out there with large data stores has figured something out to aid in migrating data because it will take a week or more to migrate the placeholders this way. So please let me know if there is a magic bullet that I am not aware of Smiley Happy



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-pm should work from a

-pm should work from a Windows file server to a NetApp filer providing both are being managed by the same EV server. If that condition is met and you are getting errors, then either post those errors or log a call with support.



Hi Vikes 2, One of the

Hi Vikes 2,

One of the requirements for -pm when the destination volume is on a NetApp Filer is:

If the destination volume is on a NetApp file server, any volume on that file server, not necessarily the destination volume, must be configured as a target volume for archiving.

Did you add all the NetApp volumes as targets? Also:

This option always migrates placeholders in any subfolders recursively, provided that they reside under a valid archive point.

You mentioned that you might have to run it 600 times. In your archive point structure, do you have an archive point for each home user folder or did you set auto-enable in the home root folder? With auto-enable, you should be able to run FSAUtilty and just with the root folder as a source, the utility should migrate all the placeholders on each subfolder to the NetApp filer.

I hope this helps.


Hey Guys, Thanks for getting

Hey Guys,

Thanks for getting back. The target for the volume moving has been added and has a single archive point on the root of sharedata.

I tried running -pm and here was the output

F:\spf\Enterprise Vault>fsautility -pm -s \\fileserver01\ShareData\Subs" -d "\\filer01\ShareData\Subs " -f -l 1


FSA Data Mover Utility.

Symantec Enterprise Vault.

Copyright (c) 2010. Symantec Corporation.


Placeholder migration

Source      : \\fileserver01\ShareData\Subs

Destination : \\filer01\ShareData\Subs


Fetched the archives from the Enterprise Vault Directory database


Error: There are no archives under the source path \\fileserver01\ShareData\Subs that can be migrated



Next I tried -m from the root and it would not process so I had to run it manually on each folder at the root level. 143 times for all folders under Sharedata and it ran. Since hitting the wall with this I have opened a case with support as we have a large amount of data yet to migrate and need to ensure that we can get the -pm option functioning.

I appreciate the input and perhaps you have seen this before?