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Migrating/upgrade EV Version to 12.3.2 on new Server

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Hi all,

I need help migrating our environemnt. We have EV Version running on Windows Server 2008R2. Task is how to migrate EV to the latest possible version 12.3.2 with the most effective way. I have read this version requires minimum Windows Server 2012 and upwards. I have already requested Server 2016 for this purpose.

Thanks a lot.



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You have two different ways, the first is to use the Migration Wizard Tools of Veritas ... I try to use many time with only one success for migrate from EV 11.0 to EV12.3 on Windows 2016 :

For my part I use the following way, it's a little bit more long but more sure ... by experience I lose many time with Veritas tools :

- I move EV on new server on Windows 2012 R2 always in version 11.0.1

- I make an upgrade of EV on the new server in version 12.3

- I move EV on new server on Windows 2016 always in version 12.3

- I make upgrade of EV in version 12.3.2


An other possible way that I try without succes is to migrate directly from your old server on new one on Windows 2016 and EV 12.3.2 ... I have some issue with upgrade of databases.




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You cannot go direct from 11.0 to 12.3.2 You need to go to 12.3 first, then run databaseupgrader, then go to 12.3.2, run databaseupgrader again.

Going from 2008R2 to 2016 in 1 go might be a challenge. You might indeed be better off using 2012R2 as 'in between'. Both EV 11 and 12 run on 2012R2.

I have not used the server migration tool often, but when I used it it did work.Just make sure all relevant data (indexes/vault stores/databases etc) are accessible from the new server before attempting such a migration.


Regards. Gertjan

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It is safer to do as Gertjan says. It is better to take 1-2 more steps but this way you will be sure that nothing goes wrong.

Just a few notes from my experience:

1. Take a look at SQL server compatibility. From what I remember, SQL 2008 R2 is not compatible with EV 11 nor EV 12. I hope that you haven't forgotten this. during the last upgrade. If you are on 2012 then you are ok. But you have to take a good look on this.

2. Backup software. If you are backing up with NetBackup or BackupExec, then you have to check if your current version supports EV backup, with EV agent. If you are doing backup with scripts, then you are ok. 

3. Do not forget to create new exclusions in the AV client. 

4. IF you are using VM as EV server, then do not forget to assign the old disks to the new VM with exact the same drive letters. Failing to do this, you will face a lot of problems. Also check if you have any shared folders on those drives. If yes, remember to move them accordingly.