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Migration EV Cluster 10.0.2 to 12.1.12

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In a few weeks I have to migrate an EV cluster (2008 R2) in 10.0.2 to EV 12.


I know that you cannot "just" upgrade like that and that EV12 cannot be installed on W2K8R2 but on a WS2012/R2. No problem at all for this.


My main problem (if we can say that is a problem) is the add in.


As the company is on his way to migrate to exchange 2016 and O365, I was asking myself: can I use the EV12x in O2016 vO365 with EV 11?


I brief, I was planning to do it like that

  • Upgrade from Enterprise Vault 10 to Enterprise Vault 11
  • Upgrade Office 2007 to 2016 v Office 365 (with EV12 Add-In - TBC)
  • Installation Exchange 2016
  • Upgrade EV11.x to 12 via Migration Wizard
  • Make the final changes to reflect new infra (Add DD as VS and New Exchange Servers)
  • Add new EV to Backup
  • Deploy Outlook Add-in
  • Add New Exchange Servers to EV12
  • Migrate mailboxes (Exchange part)
  • Migrate archives from VNX to DD
  • Check if all OK


That's in 'raw' how I woudl do it. Just that add-in question that remains.




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you should check the compatibilty charts.

Check windows email clients




I already checked all of that :)


My main concern was the add-in not working with an oldest version of the server.

I already had the problem that an add-in in 10.02 was not working with an ev server in 10.0.4


So yes, I prefer asking now and get an answer like: the add-in for v12 will not work with a server in v11. or a yes, it will work.


Safety first :)


Anyway, thanks for your reply.