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Migration Strategy

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Hello all,


We are currently running EV 9.0.4 and wish to eventually migrate to EV 12... Would it be possible to stand up a 12 environment in the same or seperate site, then use Move Archive Wizard to transition the data? If we have to export all 17 TB of data to PST, then re-ingest it, I'll go ahead and get the resignation letter together... Thanks in advance for your help!




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move archive cannot be used from EV 9 to EV 12. your options are to either perform in place upgrades, database upgrades, index upgrades, and server moves according to the EV compatibility charts - or - use a migration tool such as TransVault if you want to jump straight from EV 9 to a fresh clean EV 12. (we can help you with either if you want to PM me.)

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I also wouldn't recommend the Move Archive wizard for the volume of data you have. It was never designed for mass migrations and customers of ours that have gone with the 'cheap' option have regretted it some months later when they have found the admin overhead increadibly time consuming, and the logs painful to trawl through. 3rd party vendors have spent many years developing a more streamlined process with great dashboards and reports to simplify the whole process, plus you can skip versions from 9 to 12 with these tools. Move Archive can only go 1 version difference so 11 to 12, therefore upgrades from 9 to 10 to 11 would be required first.


Andrew Salmon, IT Director, TrueSwift Ltd.