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Migration from Snap Lock to a EMC Celerra with FLR


does anybody know if there are some issues when migrating Stuff from a Netapp device to a EMC Celerra Device. I mean technical issues, that the compliance is broken i´m still aware off.

And how to migrate the Vault Stores, on a normal NAS Device or such a thing i will only copy the Data and then relink the Vault Store within the Database. But does this also works for WORM Storage?

Thanks for help in advance.


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I'm not aware that there is a

I'm not aware that there is a direct migration path from NetApp to Celerra.
The NetApp shortcuts are not the same as the Celerra shortcuts, as far as I know, and thus they need converting.

You can try to use fsautil, but I don't think that it will really work.

This is probably a case for Symantec Support to assist you.


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