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Missing EV icons after upgrade to Office 2016 (Exchange Online/Office 2016)

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Hi All,

We have a killer of a problem that right now is only affecting a few users but my fear is it will grow... I should add that we are well beyond the official 'supported solution"...

We were running Exchange 2007 with EV 10.0.4 on both user mailboxes and public folders. We have since migrated all user mailboxes to Exchange Online and are in the process of rehydrating their EV mail into their Exchange personal archives - that's going well...

We left the EV tools installed on their clients so they can continune to access Public Folders, which are still archived - this is going to be migrated to Exchange Online as well.

My issue... Some users have upgraded to Office 2016 and have lost the icons. We have given them the EV11 add-in and some are working, others are not.

In the client log it says:
User has never been enabled. (complete rubbish as it worked on Outlook 2013....)
FUI: Not loading UI as action map is empty. Is the user enabled?

Is the hidden message corrupted?
I've checked it using Outlook Spy and EWS Editor and they look intact, everything appears OK but I need someone to tell me what I'm looking for/at?
Is it the hidden message that enables the EV icons to appear?
If the hidden message isn't in the mailbox, will the icons still appear?
Do the icons need to appear in order to open archived items? As it appears so...




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Looking at the hidden message is the right idea. The presence of the hidden message tells the Outlook Add-in that the user is enabled for archiving. When a user is enabled, this causes the EV icons to appear and and enables the scripting whereby opening a shortcut retrieves the original item from EV (instead of just opening the shortcut from the mailbox).

So it is not really that opening archived items depends on the icons, so much as that opening archived items and showing icons both depend on the user's being enabled. Based on your client log saying the user has not been enabled, it sounds like either this hidden message is not present, or the EV Outlook Add-in cannot read it.

There are also some compatibility issues to consider. EV's Compatibility Chart lists Outlook 2016 as not supported at all on EV 10, and supported on EV 11.0.1 CHF4 and later (pages 47-48). It also notes that both the EV server and Outlook Add-in must be at 11.0.1 CHF4 for Outlook 2016 support. Please be sure these requirements are met; it's not clear from your first post that they are.



Hi Chris,

Thanks for that. We are (or we were running the 11.0.1 CHF4), however on checking further I have discovered that we are running the eariler release of it.. We had version, and the newer one is

I have installed on some users machines who are having issues, and yes they are now working. Thanks!... It is worth noting that the backend server is still EV 10.0.4 (I know it's not supported, but it's working right now)

While this has fixed the issue for migrated users to Exchange Online (EXO), it hasn't fixed the issue for new starters. Like I said in my first post we are outside what is technically supported, but we currently in a intrim state until we migrated Public Folders to EXO.

These new starters have never been enabled for EV so they have no hidden messages in their mailbox. As you started earlier, they cannot open or see the EV icons. 

Is there anyway to enable these users so they can open archived items? I really don't like the fact that they have the addin installed but it won't engage unless they have been activated, it just seems stupid to me...

My thinking was if we somehow create or copy a hidden message into their mailbox over EWS? It's not something I've ever tried or wanted to do, but that's where my brain is taking me too...

Any suggestions?

Thanks again...

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Hello Tifosa,

Stupid question perhaps, but new users won't have an archive right? and, no archive = no shortcuts? So why would they need to client? If they have access to another archive, and the proper permissions, the client should assist in them opening the items, but they do not need to be enabled as far as I know.

Regards. Gertjan

Hi. It's not a stupid question at all. We still have Public Folders on-perm which are archived (and are still being archived). We have around 460k PFs at the moment, they will be moved to Exchange Online (we are working with MS to get that done).

When a new starter tries to open a PF archived email they only get the shortcut and not the full item. They have the client installed however from what Chris is saying the addin won't engage the scripting until that user has been enabled for EV (not something that is possible now they have been migrated as the EV server is still on-prem).

I'm under the impression that the EV addin won't do anything unless the mailbox has the hidden messages in it.