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Missing OWA Icons

Hello All

We recently had an issue where icons were missing for all users in OWA, I removed the backend and front end extensions and this seems to fix the issue. However I have one particular user when logged in OWA icons are not there, I can see the emails archived for this user in the mailbox.

Any Ideas?

Many Thanks
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Is the user on the same

Is the user on the same Storage group as the other users that work correctly?
The best thing you can do is enable the OWA logging and see whether it gives you any exceptions.

Also i'm assuming the OWA policies for that user allow the buttons to be shown and that the user is enabled, and can see the buttons within Outlook as well?

The users are on a different

The users are on a different Storage Group. Does this make any difference?

Yes the icons appear in Outlook as the workstation has the Outlook Addin installed.

Where do I enable the OWA logging from?

it can make a difference

it can make a difference because when EV registers the OWA forms, it will register them against the system mailbox for each storage group, if the system mailbox doesn't exist, then the deployment will fail for that one,

So lets say you have

Storage Group 1
Storage Group 2
Storage Group 3

All but SG3 have the system mailbox, meaning users can see the icons and buttons unless they're located in SG3
If you look in the OWA set up logs in the EV install directory for the backends you will see if the setup finished with errors or not and you can also see if it failed to find the system mailbox.

Also in the same directory is the OWA Configuration INI files to which you can set the logging to 2 which will output the logs in to the \logging directory

have a look at the ev owa

have a look at the ev owa backend install log for system mailbox and whether we see a system mailbox for each SG.

I have tried running the RPC

I have tried running the RPC and OWA Configuration on the backend and noticed the following error on the store where the user is in:

Error: Failed to create KVS folder, error: -2147217895 object or data matching the name, range, or selection criteria was no found within the scope of this operation.

Can this cause the issue?

that could be an issue, any

that could be an issue, any chance of attaching the install log here?

See attached Logs.

See attached Logs.

I have followed the tech

I have followed the tech doc and I receive the same error message: