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MonitoringWebApp fails to load in IE7 w/ 7.0sp1

Level 6
Hey all,
Has anybody noticed that in 7.0sp1 (fresh install), if you try to hit the monitoringwebapp page directly (ie http:///monitoringwebapp) that you get a "Website declined to show this webpage" in IE7. I've tried integrated user auth, basic, setting combinations of site and realm, etc, etc, etc... The only way I've actually found the web monitor works is if you specify the site path http:///monitoringwebapp/default.aspx. Weird...anybody know more about IE then me wanna clue me in to what's going on?


Level 6
Is there a default web page specified on the web site?

Level 6
Oh right on that wasn't quite the answer, but I did some digging and noticed that the virtual site wasn't set up to do the .aspx as it's starting page, just the .asp. That's certainly a bug. Here's the steps I did to fix this...

1) select and right click on monitoringwebapp virtual website
2) select properties
3) select the documents tab
4) hit add
5) type "default.aspx" and hit okay
6) select the default.aspx entry and hit "move up" until it's to the top
7) select okay, okay, okay...and now the main site should work.