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Move Archive Questions

Level 0

Does EV “Move Archive” support moving from Centera archive to an archive that uses HCP streamer.

Does EV “Move Archive” support moving from Centera archive to an archive that uses EMC (ECS) streamer.


(below is something that was pulled from an Symantec EV site somewhere, which we need to be able to square with.)

Other Archive Types – Does other types include the use of the Streamer or just NON email content in general?


Exchange Public Folders, FSA, SharePoint, Shared, other archives cannot be moved with the Enterprise Vault Move Archive feature and will require traditional means for moving archives.

In order to move archives for FSA content, use the FSAUtility –m (move) option. This will effectively export archived content from the old FSA archive and import the data into a new archive (within the same Enterprise Vault site). A new file share path is required for the move option.



Level 4

Hi Ichase,

  Yes, to answer both of your first questions.  You can use Move Archive (MA) to move from archives that are stored on Centera to archives that will be stored on HCP; and from archives stored on Centera to archives stored on ECS.

    Those are not archive types, rather your storage platform that you keep your archives on.  As long as the data is retrievable in the source, and the destination is writable, the MA subtask really doesn't care what you're stored on.  It uses an API to retrieve and copy the data, and our storage service in either device type handles the rest. 

As far as the "other" types that MA can't support - you're right, generally non-standard-mail type archives. 

We CAN use MA to move Exchange mailbox, Exchange Journal (vault store to vault store within a single site), or Domino mailbox  and Domino Journals (vault store to vault store wihtin a single site) archives as well. 

We CAN NOT use MA to move the types you had listed; those are all accurate.  The only "others" I can think of are Inernet Mail (IMAP) and SMTP.  While they're still "mail," they're not the traditional mailbox-style archives the industry has used for so many years.  Hope this helps!


Also a side note: EV will only close those archives after the Move is done, not delete them - which is another reason why MA doesn't care about the storage.  If we were talking about deletions, then yes, the compliance/WORM devices would have to be considered to know if deletions would even work.  But MA doesn't take that step, so again, you're ok. 



For the FSA data FSAUtility will only work if the path on the file server is changing.  It cannot move the storage data alone to another vault store.  Using the -m option it can move current archive data to an existing archive that is in another vault store.  

This is not an EV process for the migration of archived data from one archive, or one storage type to another.  

Typically, with large amounts of data/archives a third party is involved to script the process so that the migration can be performed more quickly.