Move Archive stucks in Step 3 - Updaiting shortcuts

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a customer is facing the following error. He is moving archives in another vaultstore on the same server. All move archive tasks stuck in Step 3 - Updating Shortcuts. Other move archives to another ev server were processed successfully. Shortcut Processing has been done several times for this mailbox. I have created a dtrace and we can see the following line for every shortcut in the mailbox:

Event ID: 3442 A Run Now run against selected mailboxes has started. | |Exchange Server: ExchangeServerName |Start time: 20/05/2019 12:41 |Run mode: Shortcut processing (0x2) |Run ID: RunNow_20190520_124117

13299 09:41:58.731 [37564] (ArchiveTask) <30896> EV:M {CArchivingAgent:Smiley TonguerocessShortcutItem:#12394} processing shortcut [Shortcut Subject Titel], size [11261] bytes
13300 09:41:58.731 [37564] (ArchiveTask) <30896> EV:M {CArchivingAgent:Smiley TonguerocessShortcutItem:#13241} run mode does not include shortcut processing so nothing to do

The dtrace output is the same for other mailboxes which are not part of the move archive.

In the past there was one vox post with the same problem:

EV Version 12.3.0

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Re: Move Archive stucks in Step 3 - Updaiting shortcuts

FROM [EnterpriseVaultDirectory].[dbo].[SubTask]
INNER JOIN SubTaskReport ON SubTask.SubTaskIdentity=SubTaskReport.SubTaskIdentity

(Have a look at this table)


Also do

Select *

FROM [EnterpriseVaultDirectory].[dbo].[ExchangeMailboxEntry]

WHERE MbxNTUser like ' [[Username here]] '


(Move Archive ShortcutSubtask could be wrong here too - Should be "NULL" after move)


Re: Move Archive stucks in Step 3 - Updaiting shortcuts


the sql query for the subtask table returns no output. Are there any other ideas to solve this?

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Re: Move Archive stucks in Step 3 - Updaiting shortcuts


have you tried:

FROM [EnterpriseVaultDirectory].[dbo].[SubTask]
INNER JOIN EnterprisevaultDirectory.dbo.SubTaskReport ON SubTask.SubTaskIdentity=SubTaskReport.SubTaskIdentity


normally there should always be some tasks