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Move archive in different EV directory?


i have a EV 9.02 enviroment with 100 users and 400 GB data in Physical HW (this physical HW will be shutdown after this process)

i have to migrate existing old EV environemnt to new virtual 2012 environment.I will install EV 11.01 latest version(without HW migration process)

what is your advice for move archive feauture for carrying old archived data to new EV server?

my new server ready to installation.but if i install new binary with new directory name and new site name ; then i have 2 different  EV server witin same domain.i can move archives old EV server archives to new one?

or what is your other suggestions?

-installing under same directory ; can couse problems when deleting old Ev server?

- 2 different directory and 2 different site name is better ?then  move archive for 80-90 user (i know that move archive works slowly..)

can i work with 2 different EV server within same domain? i can see other ev server name in mpvearchive wizard easly?(no need to trust because they are in same domain)


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Hello KG. In this case

Hello KG.

In this case (seeing the amount of users, and the size of the archives), I would opt for exporting the archives to PST, then import them into the new EV.

There is no problem having 2 EV-sites targeting the same Exchange servers. You will have to make sure that you disable the users on the old EV, and make sure they are enabled on the NEW ev.

Then, when moving the archives, you will 'see' the targetarchives, and the shortcuts will be updated properly.

Move archive targets the EV-site, not the domain. So, site a in domain x will be able to mov to site b in domain x

moving archive is slow, but it is safe and secure.


Regards. Gertjan

Hi Gertjan, thanks for your

Hi Gertjan,

thanks for your answer, in move archive pdf , i seen  that;

For mailbox archives, the destination archive can be the same Enterprise Vault site, a separate site, or even a site that is located in another Enterprise Vault directory. 

you mentioned just different site. what about when i install with different diroctory name and different site name in same domain? (because if i install totaly in different site and directory i can easly shut down old EV server after move operation. My main aim is carry slowly but secure, shut down delete EV server easly...)


I would ask the question

I would ask the question why can't you migrate from physical to virtual server? With such a small amount of data to consider this seems to me to be an ideal candidate for P2V

because i couldnt carry to

because i couldnt carry to old data,i have to do storage migration.(Yes it is more easy operation P2V with unmount data and mount to new one.)but i have to use move archive or export-import operation...

Hi K.G. With 'site' I mean

Hi K.G.

With 'site' I mean EV-site. This means also a different directory db.

In very short:

You have EVSiteOLD, having databases on SQLOLD. You create EVSiteNEW, with databases on SQLNEW. (seperate SQL (or new instance) meaning you will have 2 directory db's etc.). Both in same AD domain.

Move Archive between EVSiteOLD and EVSiteNEW.

When you use same Vault Service Account on OLD and NEW, you will not need to configure something in EV. Perform the Move from OLD to NEW ofcourse. there is one setting that might be usefull.

In EV program files folder on OLD, edit the EVMoveArchiveTask.exe.config file.

Look for header <MoveArchive>


part <add key="WaitForBackupMode" value="2" />

When set to 2, Move Archive will not wait for a backup of archived items to happen on the NEW site. This speeds up transfer. YOu should really only do this when you are confident the data on NEW is being backed up properly! Otherwise leave as is, so shortcutprocessing only starts when data on NEW is backed up succesfully.

And, Ed's suggestion might be valid too.


Regards. Gertjan

K.G. - I would also add that

K.G. - I would also add that if you haven't tried Move Archive before to another site, don't move all of them at once.  Select one archive to test it with.  Then if any issues arise, you aren't stuck with 100 archives stuck in the midst of moving. Once you confirm the test archive finishes moving, I recommend not moving more than 10 or so at a time. Seeing that it can only move 2 at a time, Setting 100 to move will just complicate things.

Hope this helps.

Re: Hi K.G.With 'site' I mean

Hello Gertjan,

For moving the archive between the old and new site if we use new service account archive move will not work.





Re: Hi K.G.With 'site' I mean

Hello Patwi,

Can you create a new entry? Adding a question to a year old discussion is not going to be answered.

Please include source EV/Target EV version, will not work or does not work? if does not, what error, where are you stuck.


Regards. Gertjan