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Moving Archive Points in File System Archiving

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Working in a Windows 2012 R2 environment which is on an MSCS Cluster with 8 File Server Roles on 2 Physical Nodes. The  FSA Agent is 12.1.2 while the version on the EV Server is 11.0.1.CHF5.

Would like to know, in an environment which has many Folders and Sub-Folders if there is a movement of Folders with Archive Points what would be the best method of seeing that Placeholder Recalls are not hampered?

I am encountering a scenario where a Folder with an Archive Point has been moved to another Folder on the same volume.(in a completely different folder structure). The new location does not have an Archive Point yet. The copy has been done using Robocopy and unfortunately, the placeholders have also been copied as is.

Now as expected, the placeholders aren't being recalled. So while the old location is intact, we are recalling the placeholders and copying the data to the new location.

What we have observed so far is that the placeholders still retained the Offline Attribute. And I read that Robocopy does not remove the offline attribute.

While the method adopted now is painful, I am expecting some more of these movements to take place, and I am not interested in spending nights to clean up the mess.

Any help in this regard would help certainly. Looking for a Best Practice of sorts.



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Hi mate,

Have you tried using FSAUtility with the -m option?

Since the placeholders are already at the new location, use -f to force the recreation/movement. Also, always recommended to start with a small folder, test and then do it for the big ones.


FSAUtility -m -f -s \\file-server\source-folder -d \\file-server\destination-folder