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Moving Archived FSA content to a new server

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Hi All,


We have a situation where when a user leaves the company or retires we move his personal data off the production servers to a secondary server, partly for charging of the business units involved (we charge for data on production but no the secondary server), both servers are configured for archiving.


Both locations use auto archive and look like this.

Original Location


New Location



We want to be able to move the data (some of which will be archived) to the new server and update the archive to reflect this move. The old practice was to

  • recall all the files in the original location
  • remove the archive point from the original location
  • move the folder and sub folders to the new server location
  • Allow the new folder to be archived in the new location.

Probably not the best method and it may have created duplicate archive points.

The suggested method from Symantec is to do the following (I opened a case for the duplicate archive points).

1)      Recall all archive content from \\HEADFOP042V\Kerr_Ch$ using fsautility -t –s \\HEADFOP042V\Kerr_Ch$

2)      Move the content to \\headfop007s\its_users_m$\Kerr_Ch

3)      Remove the archive point from \\HEADFOP042V\Kerr_Ch$

4)      Delete the archive ‘Kerr_Ch’

5)      Allow Auto-enable to create a new archive

What is the best way to move this data, keeping the existing archive if possible but updating it to reference the new location instead of the old. When we go to delete an archive in the console it shows the following, is it possible to have this reference the new location on headfop007s instead without deleting it and recreating it on headfop007s (which may not work as it stands as it looks like it creates duplicate archive points even though only one archive exists).


I’ve tried using ‘fsautility -m -s \\HEADFOP042V\MP_ITS_users_F$\Kerr_Ch -d \\headfop007s\ITS_Users_M$\Kerr_Ch’ but it fails with ‘Failed to find archive point on destination path and above’ referencing the destination folder which does exist.

I’ve also tried using ‘fsautility -pm -cs -s \\HEADFOP042V\mp_ITS_Users_F$\Kerr_Ch -d \\headfop007s\its_users_m$\Kerr_Ch’ but it error’s and then stalls until I ‘CTRL + C’ out of it.

Could our problems stem from the auto archive point configuration or am I just going about it the wrong way ?

We want a procedure that will keep the EV environment tidy and allow us to figure out where shares actually are for archives, it’s a big environment and growing. I've inherited EV, it’s configuration and procedures from others that have since left and I’m trying to get my head around it and improve it where possible so any help on this would be great.