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Moving EV between Windows Domains

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Hi All

I have a customer on EV 8.0 sp3 that has 5 EV servers ,3 mailbox archiving and 2 Journal

They are busy migrating users to Exchange 2010 and a new domain ,they eventually want to decommission the old domain that EV is currently installed into

Can an EV site and all its servers be moved to a new Windows Domain?I'm not talking about Migrating EV  data but changing the initial EV  install Windows domain, I imagine  there would be SQL changes.

What are the things I need to be  aware of ?




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Check out this answer from earlier queries on the same subject

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 Thanks Scanner

I'll go through this

Just as update .I read that discussion but it isn't't really what I'm looking for

Only Tony mentions he has done it and then  includes links to how you move various EV components between servers , in my case all EV data locations and server names will stay same .Just the Domain that the EV  servers are installed into  will change

I understand this is an unusual EV request  and most people haven't done it  but I just want to know it can be done with Version 8/9

I am also chatting to Symantec pre-sales support about this...and I'll send an email to the SymIQ archiving user list to get feedback

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So, what you want to do is change the Domain EV sits in. Is this Domain in the same forest as the original one?

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