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Moving EV servers to new environment on SF HA

Level 6
Partner Accredited
Hi all, I have a huge customer with the following environment: 15 nodes for EV 7 active nodes 8 passive nodes Ecserver01 - Evserver07, where Evserver01 is the directory. All installed on VCS version 5.0, servers are running windows 2008, EV version 9.0.2 Since we want to upgrade to version 10 of EV, servers must be changed to 2008 R2. While we are at it, we are changing all servers to new servers (physical servers). So... new servers installed (SF HA 6.1), cluster configured OK, and the following steps will occur: We will move one service group at a time, meaning, the old vcs will hold 6 resources and the new one will hold 1 resource, all pointing to the same Directory DB. increasing and decreasing accordingly every week. The issue is: we know that on the new 6.1 environment, after we run the "Enterprise Vault Cluster Setup Wizard" that creates the Service Group and all the dependencies, we need to run the "Enterprise vault Configuration wizard". Here comes our issue - what do we choose in the wizard? Create new EV server with cluster support? Add it as failover node while connecting to old directory on VCS 5? What do I choose on the "new directory"? do I want to create new one on the first moved SG on the new env? or do I use existing remote Vault Directory? What will happen when I will move Evserver01? as this is the directory server Symantec provided me with a document that is called DR on VCS, but it show only how to create new environment, not create new one while moving from old one. Any advice will be highly appreciated. Sarah