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Moving FSA archived sub-folder to different volume in same file server.

Level 3


I am running out of space in the file server and I want to move folders one by one to another volume. I can't move the Archive Point to another volume using FSA utility because of the huge size and I don't have that much space in a single volume. So I want to move some of the subfolder (Which contain placeholders) in one volume and some of the folders to another volume.


Is there any way we can get this task done?


Level 6

Hi ksushil,

You will need to use FSAUtility to move the data.  The -pm command will move the data on disk and the archive point to the new location.  This is a faster option.  It will not restore the data from the archive.  This does not require that an archive exists in the target location.  

If you are unable to move using -pm then -m would have to be used, however this requires that an archive exists on the target location so the data can be moved to that archive.  This is a slower process because it will actually need to create new archived files for the target location.  

I hope this helps.



Hi Patrick,

The problem is with archive point. Not possible to move all the data to single location due to disk space issue in File server. i want to split the data from one archive point to 2 location in the same server. is it possible with FSA utility ?

Hi Ksushil,

Yes, you will need to use FSAUtility -m to move the data.  This requires that an archive point be created on the desination first so that the data can be migrated from the source to the target archive.  You can then move the data with the following syntax- 

FSAUtility -m -s \\server\share\folder -d \\server\share\folder -r

This will run in report mode and show everything that would be moved.  Remove the -r to run in normal mode. I would suggest increasing the threads on the EV server for faster processing.  Create a DWORD value under HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\KVS\Enterprise Vault\FSA called FSAUtilityFolderProcessThreads with a decimal value of 20.