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Moving FSA place holders and files not yet archived

Hi all,

I need to move files and placeholders to a new volume on same server. (13TB)

My understanding is that if I use the fsautility -pm -s "\\fileserver\fileshare" -d "\\fileserver\newfileshare" the placeholders will be moved, however what will happen to the files that are yet to be archived? are they also moved or do I need to run another process to do this?



Changes made: "Disk" to "server"

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To move files that have not

To move files that have not been archived with Enterprise Vault you can use something like Robocopy:

You will want to move placeholders first before using a utility to move files so placeholders are not accidentally recalled.

The command will just move

The command will just move the placeholder. The files which are not archived would need to be moved manually .

Hi Thanks for the reply. What

Hi Thanks for the reply.

What would be the best practice then to move the files with intertwined archived placeholders in random spots?

Can I run the command first and then just do a bulk copy? will this work?

is there a process you can recommend?



YOu may refer the following

YOu may refer the following article on moving placeholders.

Running the command and doing  bulk copy should work,


Have a look at the

Have a look at the below:-


The Whitepaper states the best way to migrate File Servers when using EV is to:-

1)  Run FSAUtility -pm to migrate the Placeholders

2) Use a copy operation (Robocopy/Xcopy/Copy and Paste) to move the non-archived files


Look for the heading - Using the FSAUtility Placeholder Migration Option - on page 9 of the document attached to the above technote.

The only problem you have is if you run Robocopy, or another copy operation, without excluding Offline files then the copy opeation will do a mass recall of all archived files, hence the suggestion to FSAUtility the placeholders to get them off of the source server and then use a copy operation on the non-archived files.