Moving an archived directory structure to a new drive.


During my testing I wanted to move an archived directory structure to a new drive (same server). 

Normally I would just cut and paste check the permissions and all would be good. But now with the archives I need to make sure that EV also knows I've moved the placeholders.

I was hoping something like FSAUtility.exe -pm -s \\source -d \\destination -l would work, and as I found out it did exactly as advertised, it moved the place holders only.

Is there another tool to migrate a dirctory structure archived and unarchived files?

Can anyone give me some pointers on the best practices to do this task?








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Hello Murd,

Can you set this to resolved if it is indeed resolved?

That way other users can find a solution if needed, and others do not open the question anymore to provide answers you already have.


Regards. Gertjan