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Moving server from one site to another

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We are looking at moving our Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 server and the corresponding database server from one site to another.  I am not EV expert, so learning as I'm going.

Right now we use the Exchange archiving and Exchange journaling, although most of the archive data is old emails that for some reason previous admins did not move into the Exchange 2010 archive mailboxes when the company moved to Exchange 2010.  The servers are vmWare virtual machines.  The database drives are not super huge (80GB of database files), but the Enterprise Vault server drives with the Index and Vault Stores are super huge.  About 1.2TB of indexing files it looks like, and nearly 8TBs of what I believe is all journaled email.  I got Veritas supports KB article 55377 that give some direction about the steps, but I'm already finding discrepancies and the document further cross references other KBs for additional steps.  So, moving these servers to another site looks like a huge chore either way.

I'm pondering building a new server, naming it differently, then somehow getting all the data files from the site in another state to a new site - maybe transporting VM VHD files on hard drives from site to site.  I believe there would be "old data" like the closed vault store partitions that I could move ahead of time to decrease at least a lot of the data migration when we cut over.

I'm looking for anyone else's experience with similar migrations.


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can you elaborate on "from one site to another" please?

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So within EV, a "site" is considered a logical organizational unit, much like an Active Directory domain (but not exactly).

Are you planning to move EV out of its current logical organizational unit? If so, what problem are you trying to solve? There may be a better way.

Or, are you planning to move EV and its data from one physical location to another?  

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Sorry just now getting back to this.  When I say "site" I mean move the EV server and SQL server to a different data center location, so in the same domain, leaving the EVault site intact, but needing to move servers.  From what I see I need to build new servers, but I find the Veritas documentation in KB, like 55377 has inconsistencies when comparing settings.

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For SQL you need to build a new SQL server in the new data centre and then migrate the EV databases to that new SQL server...

For the EV server, builld a new EV server in the new Data centre and do a hardware move. and

I would use the steps above to move your EV environment from one data centre to another with the least disruption to the users.

Once the new servers are in place in the new data centre you can decomission the old servers in the old data centre.


I think that's what you asking for.