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Multiple Vault Stores... How many Fingerprint Databases?

I am working on an EV Deployment that will have 16 Vault Stores (thus databases) I thought about spreading these Vault Store Databases over 2 SQL Servers. (8 on one and 8 on the other SQL server) 

If I do this, is there a performance issue in using one Fingerprint Database to do SiS on Vault Store Databases that reside on separate SQL Servers?

I can also put all 16 Vault Store Databases on one SQL Server along with the Fingerprint Database.

Thoughts?  Guidance?


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 Speaking from an SQL side.

 Speaking from an SQL side. Unless your SQL servers are very busy or under powered there will be some overhead having the databases split between two servers but I don't see it being that much of an issue. Just ensure that there is good connection speed between the servers and that the servers are fast with enough memory I think you should be fine

The other option is to have two storage groups one to cover the databases on SQL1 and the other to cover the databases on SQL2. This will decrease the SIS obtained because you can only do SIS on vaults in the same Storage Group.

I think option one should be OK

These are 8 Core w/ 32GB RAM,

These are 8 Core w/ 32GB RAM, sitting on a Gig-E Network...

 You only have 16 Vaults.

 You only have 16 Vaults. Unless you are intending on archiving an enormous amount of data and growing the databases to few TB per database or you have a huge user base i see no issues.

I'm sure the partner that you are working with have given you recommendations. They normally know their stuff so listen to their advice also


I'm running 13 journal stores + 15 mailbox stores on 1 (one) SQL2008X64 server.
I have 2 fingerprint databases, 1 for journal, 1 for mailbox

I believe (as I am not in control of SQL) it is a dual quad-core (3Ghz) with 32GB ram, using san disks.

My SQL-admins confirmed that the server is (even during archiving runs) ' keeping up with 2 fingers in the nose'  (translated from dutch, but means that it has almost nothing to do...)

Regards. Gertjan