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Multiple retention categories - which applies?

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Let's say we're using the VIC to apply retention categories. We have 3 retention categories broken out by business units: BU1, BU2 and BU3. All 3 retention categories have a period of 10 years configured. We have the policy configured to apply the longest retention when multiple categories apply. Due to emails crossing business units, we could have all 3 apply to a message. EV will select the longest period, but in this case they are all the same. Which one will be applied? Is it random or alphabetical or some other logic?


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Can you explain your need?
Your question is not clear, in fact you must keep the mail of all your 10-year BUs ... and this is the case with your configuration. So what do you want to do? with single instance, only one version of items was archive with multiple pointer on it (one by user that have this item in his mailboxe), and retention category was associate at each pointer ... end before delete an item, EV wait the deletion of the last pointer.



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Hi maybe there is a misunderstanding here.

You will have 10 years retention. It is just compared which is the largest. They are all the same so 10 is the time and will be set for the items, it does not matter which of the retentions are used, and normally you only have one retention policy per timeframe for example your 10 years or forever etc.