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Mutiple Forest with one Enterprise Server

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We have 4 different Forest, with Trust.

We would like to run the Enterprise Vault server in only one Forest, and archive all the mailboxes from the different Forests.
Each Forest has it's own Exchange Servers.

I cannot find anything in the documentation regarding this exact setup.
It sounds like I have to create a system account with a mailbox in each Forest.
I'm not exactly sure about the Service account used by the Enterprise Vault server, the directions says it needs a mailbox, so I was going to create a mailbox in the Foreset it is in?  It also seems like this service account needs permissions on the other Exchange environments, and with the Trust I should be able to do this.

Just wondering if there is any documentation explaining how to configure this setup.  I want to make sure I am everything correctly.



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The below article should explain. It is a bit more work, but do-able.

Configure Enterprise Vault Tasks to Archive from an Exchange server located in a different AD forest 


Regards. Gertjan


I think I saw this article, but was confused regarding the linked mailbox. We have Exchange running in every Forest, so I see no reason for a linked mailbox.

So the article is not real clear.

I'm guessing when it says run a script on Domain B Exchange, I run on Domain A Exchange instead since that is where the mailbox resides.

Then with the Trust in place, I run the other powershell commands to give  the VSA permissions over the system accounts created in each Domain.