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NTFS permissions after running FSAutility to migrate placeholders

Level 6


EV 9.0.2

Running this command to migrate placeholders:

FSAUtility.exe -pm -s \\source -d \\target -l 0

Last time I did this, the NTFS permissions of the placeholders moved from the old file server to the new file server. I don't want the permissions migrated, I want the placeholders to inherit permissions from the parent folders on the new file server.

Will this be resolved by clicking the Synchronize Permissions button on the FSA task?



Level 6

I think it would work, but its possible you will run into some gotcha's. I think you want to approach this very carefully, possibly doing some test runs with copies of the data. From 'How FSA synchronizes permissions' (


  • If there is a file with permissions that are different from those of the containing folder, the archived version has the folder permissions. A shortcut has the same permissions as the file.

  • Someone who has access to the original folder can find and access the archived version of the file, even if the file permissions denied access. Such a person cannot use a shortcut to access the file, however.


Another thing to keep in mind, from this thread:


"One thing to keep in mind with retiring a file server
be very very careful with the permissions that you grant, because once that server is no longer accessible, the permissions will remain and cannot be changed

So for instance if you have someone who can see \\fileServerA\folder1\folder2
and you no longer wish them to have access to \folder2\ normally you would remove the users permissions, then sync permissions against FSA and that would be fine.
But once the server no longer exists, there is nothing you can do to remove the permissions from \folder2"


Level 5
Employee Accredited Certified

The synchronize is performed during the task run as well and only syncs the permissions that are present on the file server to the archive.  The permissions applied to the folders/items on the file server is handled at the OS level and then can by synched to the archive.  

I would also note that there are some updates to the -pm option in later versions of EV 9 to help with how performance and processing when using this option.