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NTFS to Centera migrator

Level 3
Hoping someon here knows something about this - it doesn't seem that the sales people do.

I want to use the NTFS to Centera migrator tool and was told that no extra licensing is required in v6.0. The Admin guide tends to confirm that, yet when I try to run the tool (in a test lab) I get kicked out for lack of a license.

Does anyone know the TRUE story behind this tool?? If it requires purchase of a license, is there any other way to move/copy the data to Centera? I can't justify the cost for a one time use license.


Level 6
I believe you need a storage migrator license for it.

There's no other way to move items into Centera unless you restore everything and let it rearchive into your Centera Vault store.

Level 6

I think you may require a new license but not at any additional cost.

Level 3
Your license key requires an "FTC" license item which would look something like this:

# Component: OSL Legacy Migrator
FEATURE FTC ...............

I just did some digging around and confirmed that this is now bundled/included with the base EV 6.0 product.

Just tell your sales rep that you need an "OSL Legacy Migrator" license key and that it is now part of the product (was a separate charge in EV 5.0)

If you and/or your sales rep are in a bind then you could probably get by with a temp key (which includes the OSL Legacy Migrator license item) but I'd recommend getting a permanent key in case your migration activities go beyond the temp key period.

Hope this helps,

Level 3
You guys have been VERY helpful - I really appreciate it!!