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Need help in importing close to 5000 PST's

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Hi Team,

I have  a requirement to import close to 5000 PST's to Enterprise vault Archives.

We have increased the storage for this requirement on theEV storage.

Actually i need an easier way to perform this via import-csv operation

here is the file structure i have example below:


There are multiple PST files for single user , but they are placed in the same location folder with the useraliasname.

But the pst files are not present in userlaiasname

example like - \\SharedNetworkDrive\usernamealias\user.pst,archive.pst,archive1.pst etc..,

Im looking for an option where the PST migration would map the users only via folder alias name and start importing the psts present inside that folder to assocaited EV Archive

Does anybody have done these bulk imports in a easier way would help us really.Thanks in advance.



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normally you can use the EV funcionalities, depending on your version of EV.

The PSTs will automatically suggest the right user for the pst file.


You can also use powershell to do the bulk import.

1. get the folder name (ALIAS)

2. for each folder name get archivename of the user

3. for each folder search all pst names in folder

4. use add-evpstfile to add each pst file to the archive it belongs to

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I scribbled down an example

Could not test it since I have no testenvironment available right now:

Should work roughly like this:

foreach ($file in (Get-Childitem $path -Depth 2 -Recurse -File)) {
#to get mailbox with Alias beeing in folder directly under mainfolder c:\temp2
#change path to wherever the folders are
$mailbox=get-mailbox -identity $

#to get ALIAS (foldername)
#to get full path to PST within subfolder

ADD-EVPSTFile -UNCPath $file.FullName -Mailbox $mailbox

#Add-EVPstFile -UNCPath <string> [-Mailbox <string>] [-Archive <string>]
#[-ArchiveType <string>] [-RetentionCategory <string>] [-PasswordProtected]
#[-Language <string>] [-Priority <string>] [-SiteName <string>] [-DirectoryServer <string>]

hi team,


I tried with above example it is picking only one PST file and not picking multiple psts for one user.

Thanks team. I figured it out and thanks for the help.

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Please let us know how you did it

Its very simple. I feeded my csv using the personal store management from the Vault admin console.

The csv contains - UNCPath,Mailbox,Archive,ArchiveType,RetentionCategory,Priority,Language,DirectoryServer,Sitename

After i feeded the  CSV we can see the data in the personal store management with status ready to copy.

Now we need to create only PST collector Task, and PST migrator task.

because in this case we are neglecting the PST locator by feeding the data via Personal store management.

After this all is good to go and my migration is perfectly going well :)