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Need to Migrate Enterprise Vault Windows Clustered Environment from windows 2012 to 2016

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Hi Team,

Need to Migrate Enterprise Vault  Windows Clustered Environment from windows  2012 to 2016 

We need to retain the same cluster name space in this process of migration and move to the new OS 2016.

If there are any easy ways of acheving this kindly let us know the process.



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Server setting migration tool can help. Make sure you check the compatibility as well source & destination EV version. 

HI Team,

we are doing a cluster to cluster migration.

Like current version of OS is windows 2012. And the EV is running on Cluster 2012. 

we need to migrate  them to new cluster windows 2016. There will be a new cluster built on it and we need to migrate all data from old one to new one.

We tried with the server setting migration tool and its not helping for cluster to cluster migration.

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Hi Satish,

You will need to prepare the new Microsoft failover cluster, install EV on each node and configure base EV cluster app.

Then, as advised by Pradeep, use the EV Migration Wizard tool to export the EV configuration from the current EV server (on one of the nodes only). Next, present all EV storage locations to the new EV cluster, update DNS alias, and run the Migration Wizard tool on any of the new EV nodes. Once this is done, simply run the EV Configuration Wizard on the second node and add it as a failover node into EV.

Just make sure you check the compatibility matrix and follow the steps documented in the EV Migration Wizard howto manual.



Hi Virgil,

Thanks for the update.

Actually the problem here is When i prepare the new failover cluster it  creates a new Cluster Name with the new name space which we want  to avoid.

We are checking the possibility of restoring them to the original cluster name we have it currently to the new failover cluster we are introducing.


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Hi Satish,

Why do you want to have the same cluster name? You can do that, but you will have to run the EV Wizard export first, then shut down the old cluster nodes before creating the new one.