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Need to unvault items to external drive and restore in Remote office

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I am new to EV having recently taken over administration of the software from someone who has left the company. We are/were only doing file archiving but the system was largely abandoned earlier this year. The previous administrator unarchived most of the informaiton back to their original servers, with the exception of 1 remote office in california that didn't have enough space. The service is shutdown in a way that no additional archiving is going on but users in that office can still retrieve vaulted items. The way i'm told other vaulted items were restored in remote offices was by using a utiility (?FSAutility?), dumping all the archived files from a particular server onto the disk of the archive server in NY, putting those files on an external drive and shipping it to the remote office and then using another command (possibily FSAUtility again) to copy back the data to its original location. This process worked for 2 of the remote offices.

I try to use the following command to get a dump of data but get the generic error below:

fsautility -t -f -s \\cafilesrv1\data -d \\nyarchivesrv1\h$\data071612\cafilesrv1\data -l 0

FSA Data Mover Utility.
Symantec Enterprise Vault.
Copyright (c) 2008. Symantec Corporation.

Restore files
Source : \\\data
Destination : \\\h$\data071612\cafilesrv1\data
Generating file list for processing...
Total restore job dispatch... 0%
Error: Error in the application.

There are no Event view messages and no XML file is generated. If i use the -r switch it does produce a report listing files but then abruptly stops the listing in the middle of a file path.

I urgently need to migrate to a new file server in the CA office but there are still various items vaulted on that server. My thinking is that i want to restore all items before the move and then remove this server from the environment completely.

I have the following questions:

- data cleanup on the Caifornia server has occured and much has been removed. Will that deleted data be included in the dumped files i am trying to generate? I don't want to restore deleted data.

- Since the EV system is semi shutdown (i.e. only allowing for retrieval of archived items NOT archiving new items), will the deleted data be updated on the vault server?

- Am i using the fsa data mover utility correctly? What is that error and how do i correct it

- what is the procedure/command for getting the dumped files from the external drive back to their original location on the server?

- is there another way to accompllish my goal? NOTE: Because of slow WAN connection between the archive server in NY and the server in CA,as well as lack of disk space, i can't directly unvault items to their original location. I want to first know how much data is vaulted so i can see if i have enough disk space.

We are running EV 8.0 SP4 on Windows Server 2008 Std

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.



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After reading your post, you might be better off using the -b option for FSAutility.  The -t option is going to restore everything from the archive so if you've gone through and deleted FSA shortcuts to items that you don't need, it would recall them.  The -b option only looks at placeholders that exist and will only recall those files.  There is information in the file utilities.pdf on the syntax for FSAutility.

The syntax you used looks fine to me.  The error above doesn't provide much, you may need to get a DTRACE to see what is happening with the processing.

However, here's a couple of things you can double check.

On the file server, do you have registry entries for BypassRecallLimitsForAdmins.

On the EV server, FSAUtility will run in asynch mode by default.  You might be running into a timeout issue with a larger file or lowered bandwidth for your network.  You can change the behavior to synchronous and set a timeout value for restores by setting the FileDownloadTimeOut registry key (see pg. 162 of Utilities.pdf).

I'd try running FSAutility with the -b option in report mode and reviewing the results and then troubleshooting from there.  Hope that helps and good luck.



Level 2

Hello Michael

thanks for your response but the -b does not appear to be an option with FSAutility. I checked before running to see what -b would do and didn't see an info. I'm essentially replacing -t with -b but it just brings up the fsautility options list:

fsautility -b -f -s \\cafilesrv1\data -d \\nyarchivesrv1\h$\data071612\cafilesrv1\data -l 0

I checked the registry for BypassRecallLimitsForAdmins but did not find any.

I checked the utilities.pdf page 162 but did not find information on FileDownloadTimeOut.  I did a search through the entire document and did not find that info.

I've on Ver 8 SP4.  Are you referencing options in the latest version?