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New EV 8.1 install using existing SQL server impact

Dear All, I have successfully implemented our enterprise vault into a test environment after much tinkering it works very well, before I start work on the production install I was hoping to find out the impact it will have on the current network especially the SQL server we have as I am planning to use the SQL server we already have which is already used for some financial packages.

The Enterprise Vault server will be archiving exchange 2007 email of around 50 users, the current SQL server has sql 2000 with the latest service pack running on server 2003 SP2, with the following hardware quad core 2ghz 4gb ram, 100 GB free space for EV databases and 50 GB for EV logs.
Any help with judging the potential impact will be gratefully received

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As far as the performance you

As far as the performance you should be okay, the question is how much data are you going to archive?

Also, are you going to be using journaling?
Will you use Discovery Accelerator or Compliance Accelerator?

macomsupport,We've archived


We've archived roughtly 600GB of data and our Database + Log files total about 23GB. Our SQL Server has 2 Xeon CPU's @ 3.20 with 4GB ran running Windows Server 2003 x64 SP2 and SQL 2005 x64. Our SQL server hosting multiple DB's with very little problem, as EV only uses SQL for lookups unless an archiving run is being perfomed, its the storage that is were you might notice performance hits, if this is alos where you store the indexes (They can get very large depending on what indexing level you set). Even then we are using a Windows server with SATA drives and we've had no speed complants from the 500 users accessing the system.

I would however recommend installing EV8 SP2


Thanks for the quick

Thanks for the quick response, no Journaling, Discovery Accelerator or Compliance Accelerator, this install is purely to control the users archive PST files. the amount of data will varies between users we have a handful of users with +10 Gb archives but the majority are below 4 GB. The EV server  has the following Quad core zeon 2ghz 4gb Ram, 79 GB free space Raid 1 SAS 15000 rpm for indexing, 1TB Free Space raid 5 SAS 7.2rpm for the archives.   


The main spec of the EV

The main spec of the EV server is more than adequate, you might have a problem with the disk space for the index. What indexing level are you planning on using? Full indexing will require about 10% of data archived.


Thanks Dan, I was going to

Thanks Dan, I was going to choose medium for the Indexing other than disk space usage does the full indexing impact on the speed? I guess with 79 GB for indexing at 10% my archive is limited to 790Gb? this should be adequte for a fair while. Steve