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New II TEC Podcast: Episode 10 - Using Data Insight for compliance and security

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Episode 10 - Using Data Insight for compliance and security

In this 10th episode, II TEC’s Chris Ebner talks to Veritas Data Insight "guru" John Dodds about how the usage of Data Insight can be extended beyond just analysis of dark data for storage management purposes to assist an organization with reviewing their data compliance and security.  This episode is 12 mins.

I would encourage you, if you haven’t already done so, to subscribe to the podcast feed using your favourite Podcast app, so that you automatically get the new episodes (and can go back and listen to previous episodes – there is a list of these below).  Instructions on how to do that, and details of all podcasts so far, can be found using the link below.  We now have about 2 hours of II TEC podcast content, so if you have a long car journey or a short flight ahead of you, why not download them all and catch-up? 

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