Hi all

I’m pleased to announce our first II podcast is now available via iTunes.  In our first episode, Dan Strydom tells me all about EV SMTP archiving and why it’s better than the old Exchange Journaling method.  It’s only 9 minutes long so easy to listen to, but lots of useful info!  Please subscribe to the feed using the steps below, and tell your friends and colleagues!  We hope to get more II podcasts out on a regular basis.

To subscribe do the following…

Open iTunes

Click File > Subscribe to Podcast…

Enter this url https://veritas.box.com/shared/static/hnpy22299b58qo2b6l3s00x7wljo60kd.xml

That should be it.  If you use different podcast software, I’m sure you know how to subscribe to a feed.  :)



Andy Joyce


Information Intelligence TEC (Enterprise Vault, EV.cloud, Clearwell/eDiscovery, Data Insight, Information Map)

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