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New Retention Category Not Working


I've been trying to make a custom retention category such that any items in Inbox & Sent items are expired after 12 months, using EVPM. Details were covered at below forum:

However, I am not able to make this work on new items (old or already archived items is altogether different story).

For example, I apply the new policy - Store new items to archive manually - and check the vault information for selected items. The hidden message shows the updated retention category ID however the item itself has old retention category ID stamped to it and is not expired in EV.

Anything I could be doing wrong in above?

Thanks in advance !

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Accepted Solution!

When you ran your evpm did

When you ran your evpm did you include OverrideArchiveLocks = true ?

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So are you basing Expiry on

So are you basing Expiry on Modified Date or Archived Date?

I am a bit confused, you say Vault Information shows the correct retention category for the item, how are you determining it isn't right?  Are you using the Search.asp?

Thanks for response

Thanks for response Tony.

  1. Running expiry based on Archived date for now. (Might change it later to run based on modified date)
  2. Hidden item property for Inbox in the vault information shows correct retention category but selected item property shows old.
  3. Checked the retention category applied to Saveset in SQL.
  4. Used archive explorer to verify that item is still present and accessible.


So the items that have

So the items that have already been archived will not inherit the new retention category, only newly archived items will.

If you create a new folder with a new retention category and move items into it then it will inherit the new retention category if you are updating moved items.

Sorry, I may have

Sorry, I may have misunderstood.  Are you saying that newly archived items are still inheriting the old retention category?

Correct. Just for

Correct. Just for review:

  1. Created new retention category that expires item after 12 months based on archive date.
  2. Applied the retention category to test archives using EVPM script (attached/mentioned with original forum) such that items only in Inbox & Sent items are impacted/expired based on category.
  3. Synchronized archive manually.
  4. Waited few days before testing.
  5. Made sure EV hidden message shows new retention category ID.
  6. Arcihved some new emails from test mailbox's Inbox.
  7. The newly archived items still inherited the old retention category.

I know currently EV doesn't "directly" supports stamping old or already archived items so we can keep them separate.

However, the newly archived items/savesets should inherit the applied retention category.

Accepted Solution!

When you ran your evpm did

When you ran your evpm did you include OverrideArchiveLocks = true ?

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No, I didn't use that (trying

No, I didn't use that (trying to recall why not now.)

I will use it now and test it today. Will update asap.

IGNORE BELOW: Got it working

IGNORE BELOW: Got it working by putting parameter in Folder section. (Noob me)


After running EVPM with Override, Now I recall why I didn't use it. ;)

The EVPM script generates error when putting OverrideArchiveLocks = true in [Filter] section:

Line Number in error: 13

Section in error: Filter

Attribute in error: OverrideArchiveLocks

Value in error: true

The file is saved in unicode and runs fine without OverrideArchiveLocks parameter.

Does it error if you put it

Does it error if you put it in the folder section?

No it doesn't, I updated the

No it doesn't, I updated the ini file accourdingly (puting Override in both folder section, for Inbox & SentItems)

I see the newly archived item stamped with new retention category now. :-). Waiting for expiry to run to ensure it gets removed accordingly.

Will post results further results tomorrow (running retention & inactivity duration of 1 day so should've good result by tomm same time)

Thanks again !

No worries, I think that will

No worries, I think that will do it for you.  

Hi So the override worked


So the override worked perfectly, the item expired as expected.

However new iems didn't archive based on "Inactivity" duration of 1 day mentioned with EVPM (portion pasted below). Default mailbox policy archive based on 30 days, and I was planning to use same in EVPM script as well, but can't say that it's tested because 1 day thing didn't work so far:


name = 12 Months Deletions
CreateShortcut = true
DeleteOriginal = true
unreadMAIL = true
UseInactivityPeriod = true
InactivityUnits = days
InactivityPeriod = 1

In folder Hidden message, I can see same setting, however the test email didnt got pick up by auto archive yet. Any modification needed in above?

So you manually archived

So you manually archived items and they got expired correctly but scheduled archiving didn't archive anything?

Are these brand new items or were they restored at some time?

Can you do a run now against the mailbox for all items, just to be sure there was enough time for the mailbox to be processed?

Worked like a charm !

Worked like a charm ! :D

Thanks a lot ! As always :)