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New Site

Level 4
Due to poor planning the site alias needs to be changed. I've now realised that I can't change the site alias in the SQL tables without a lot of pain, and Symantec won't support me. So my next plan is to build a new site and import the users into it. We had a fairly large amount of Vaulted data, about 700gb, so exporting it and re-importing it to the new site isn't really an option due to disk space constraints. Also the users will remain on their existing Excghange servers.
Has anyone done anything similar? I'm waiting for the professional services people to get back to me, but I thought I'd try the forum in the meantime.

Level 4
In case anyone's interested I have managed to change the Vault site alias in a dev environment and everything still works after the change.

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That is quite an accomplishment, would you mind sharing the details? 

Level 6
Isn't it as easy as changing the siteentry table in SQL?   Tested this in image L, and seems to work just fine.  I needed to change the demo image site name as the multiple words was making evpm scripts fail to execute. 


Level 4
Essentially I had to change the dns alias suffices in all the tables in all four of the Vault databases. Then I amended 2 registry vaules in the hklm\kvs key. Lastly I had to disable/re-enable all the Vault accounts so that the Outlook hidden message was updated to reflect the new site name. After that new indexes were created for all mailboxes and everything started working. I also tested recovering to the previous vault sire name and that all worked ok.
I still haven't had any confirmation from Symantec whether they will support me post change.