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New archiving reports > 10.0.3 and 'not provisioned'

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First Happy new year to all!  Now, we have an annoying issue with the new 10.x reporting for archiving tasks . Generally this is a very nice enhancement, BUT when we have users who have left the company, we set their archive to disabled, remover their archive permissions and mailbox – at this point they can no longer be provisioned because AD doesn’t have them anymore.


Now, we find that in the nice new reports they appear as ‘not provisioned’ which is a bit ‘generic’.  We would like to be able to differentiate these users and have them flagged as something else – like  ‘Leaver – no AD account’ etc.


Does anyone know of a way to achieve this, or would it be an enhancement request ?


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Hello Alan,

I believe that they show due to them still having an entry in the ExchangeMailboxEntry table.

Probably when you delete that entry, they will disappear from the report also.

Regards. Gertjan

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If the AD account and the mailbox were removed, then the task cannot provision the mailbox and the report will show that message. That's is because, like GertjanA mentioned, there is still an entry in the Enterprise Vault directory database, ExchangeMailboxEntry table. I'd recommend you to post this issue as an idea in the forums to provide a better message in the report. I hope this helps.