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New to Enterprise Vault - need to re-hydrate archived mail back to users mailboxes

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Hi Everyone


I am a developer and new to Enterprise vault and I have picked up a task that I need some help with

We are looking to move frok Exchange 2010 to Exchange online, unfortunately we have an unsuppopryted older version of EV 

I am told that when you run a re-hydration of an archive from EV any messages that were deleted from the user's mailbox after they were archived are restored to the inbox as Outlook only deletes the stub to the mail, it does not then delete the message in the EV archive.

So I need a way to restor in bulk to mailboxes without the deleted mailks so that we dont have to get users to go through their mailbox manually

 and what I am thinking is

1 - Index the mailbox

2 - Restore the vault

3 - Delete anything in mailbox that has been added as part of step 2

I would like to do this programatically as a one off task and I have looked at the version programmers guide 10 API documentation. 

Any ideas on the best approach for this and indeed if it is possible to do this ?

Thanks im advance



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You're probably better off going to one of the migration vendors (yes, I work for one).
Doing this "properly" is not as straight forward as you might think.



cloudficient - EV Migration, creators of EVComplete.

thnks MichelZ - This is what I was thinking although I need to do an investigation first to present back

Any idea (roughly) of how much work would be involved ie rough cost for one of the migration vendors to do this ?



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