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No Option to Logout or Signoff Option in Enterprise Vault Search web url 11.1 Window

Level 4

Hi Team,

There is no logout or search option available in enterprise vault 11.1 web url, please suggest me is there any option for signout or logout in web url beacuase i searched all tabs there is no logout or signout option available in enterprise vault 11.1 web url, please if anyone no solution help me for the same,

Please Find below snap for ref.



Pravin Goud


Partner    VIP   

Hi Pravin,

why do you want to logout of the web search?

And what do you mean by "no search option" .

Is the search not working for you? (in the field - what are you looking for)

Level 6

You are correct. There is no logout button. EV Search uses Windows Authentication to sign the user in based on his Windows login token. You may have noticed that there was also no login button when you started. (Technically you might have seen a login prompt from your browser, but this only appears as a fallback if Windows Authentication is not available in the environment.)

This is by design and applies to all versions of EV Search that I know of, from your 11.0.1 up to the latest 12.4.1.

If you want to view EV Search as a different user, launch your browser as that user with a RunAs command.



Hi Chris,

thanks for the response, but yet i did not find solution for the same.

anyway i am going to upgrade ev 11.1 to 12.0, but i want to find solution for this issue. 


Pravin Goud 


Maybe my last response was not clear enough. It is the intentional design of EV Search for there to be no logout button. You will not find a "solution for the same" because this is the intended behavior of the product. It is recommended for you to upgrade from EV 11 to 12 for many reasons, but doing so will not affect this behavior at all.